Pay It Forward Initiative’s Deadline is July 10th

We need you “Pay It Forward” Stories by July 10th.

What is the “Pay It Forward” Initiative? Well, it started with an auction back on April 30th when articles donated by members of church were sold at a silent auction held at the home of Bill and Barb Houston. The proceeds of the evening went to the Priest-in-Discretionary Fund while the remaining amount went back to the Congregation. Each member was given $20 to “pay-it-forward” with someone they came in contact who could use the help. The final step is to share your story with us by putting them in the box in the back of the church. Those are due by July 10th.

If you would like to participate, but missed the Sunday the $20 bills were distributed, please contact one on the Growth Committee Members – Emilie Cox, Barb Houston, Karen Mock, Olivia Padgett or Nancy Skardon. You can also let us know by filling out the Contact Card below.