Annual Meeting

ECOE Holds their Annual Meeting

We held our 10th Annual Meeting this past Sunday (December 4th) after the morning service.  Our Interim Rector, The Rev. Bill Coyne, served as the meeting chair.  After appointing a secretary (thank you Olivia) and a Parliamentarian (thank you Ned Kuntz) we got to work!   

Congratulations to Bill Houston, Kathy Kuntz and Steve Stemkowski on being elected to the Vestry as well as Thad Daise, Ginny King, Pat Neumann and Nancy Skardon who will represent us at next year’s Diocesan convention.  Thank you to all for agreeing to serve!

We also took time out to share opinions of what we would like to see in our next rector and the possibilities of building a sanctuary of our own.  The Vestry will now take this input into consideration as we move forward in the new year!

Before we closed we took time to recognize Betsy Daise and George Hayworth for their three years of service on the Vestry.  A lot happen on their watch and we are very grateful for their leadership!